Xanthe FilmsXanthe Films is a rapidly growing independent production company that develops and produces high quality and commercially viable projects for film, television, the internet and DVD.

Founded by Executive Producer Edwin Colon in 2006, Xanthe Films is in the process of putting financing deals together to produce and aggressive slate over the next two years, shooting in the United States, Belize and in the countries of our co-producing partners.

Our mission is to support, produce, promote and present motion picture, performance and visual media that celebrate the diverse artistry of indigenous cultures in establishment of a permanent cinema industry for the country of Belize.

At Xanthe Films, we are constantly acquiring and developing exciting new properties. As such, we are always looking to establish new strategic long term relationships for mutual growth and profitability. Not all of our ideas are listed on this site, so contact us for more information and make sure to sign up for our latest newsletter.

In 2013, Xanthe Films became a subsidiary of Chicago Internet Marketing.

Our History

The company was registered in the State of Illinois as a Limited Liability Company in 2006. The Company is an independent motion picture production company assembled from creative and business professionals with a common goal of producing progressive, cultural and indigenous types of media.

The following fundamentals guide our efforts:

  • Every person has a core set of values which govern his/her actions.
  • People rarely have identical sets of values, but for most there is a wide expanse of common ground. Indeed, most people‚Äôs shared beliefs transcend their differences.
  • Fair-minded people can agree to disagree and can remain tolerant and respectful of the values and priorities of others, even when in disagreement.
  • It is both prudent and proper to reflect personal values in professional and financial decisions.
  • Many thoughtful people are unwilling to profit from behavior in others that they find unacceptable in themselves and will choose an alternative course of action when they know they have one.
  • Consciously bringing personal values and financial decision making into alignment is a powerful way to influence others and to encourage behavior which enhances quality of life for all.