Xanthe Films LLC can stream your content live over the internet.

For the past three years, we at Xanthe Films have been developing a system for broadcasting live video over the Internet. Utilizing our experience in live event coverage and a small broadcast package, we are able to stream content at TV-level quality for a fraction of the cost.

Some Key Features:

  • Reach a global audience. Now you can share your event with hundreds of people from around the globe – even if they can’t make it, they can still see it.
  • Up to 6 HD cameras and/or computer feeds. We can integrate Powerpoint presentations, previously produced video segments, and multiple camera angles to produce a dynamic and exciting webcast.
  • A digital copy of the broadcast. Within 48 hours (and sometimes less), we’re able to provide you with your own HD version of the broadcast. You can embed on your website, upload to YouTube, or even make and sell DVDs of the event.
  • An additional revenue stream. You can choose to make your webcast free for the world to see, or charge a small viewing fee.

We’re currently seeking partners who would be interested in all of the added bonuses that streaming content over the internet can potentially bring. In an effort to encourage people such as yourself to try out our exciting new technology, we have hugely discounted our rates for a limited time.

Packages start at $500. To see a complete breakdown of our rates and services, have a look here.